The Design Process

The design process usually begins with a conversation or meeting between Moonstone Timber Frame’s design staff and you, the client. Almost every project we build is custom designed to your personal taste from scratch. Once we get an idea of the project you want to build we can translate those ideas into a 3D rendering of you project and give you a quote. Our team can then take care of the architectural drawings for you or refer you to someone who is experienced in designing with log and timber frame structures. Sometimes your architectural drawings may already be complete; in this case we can give you a quote on all of the timber segments of the design.

If possible, we prefer to be involved in the design stage from the beginning so we can work closely with you and your designers and contractors to ensure that our aspect of the home will fit seamlessly into your building envelope and that you get the product you expect.

All of our designs are checked and stamped buy a professional structural engineer specializing in the design of log and timber frame construction, ensuring the quality and integrity of the building. Our designers and technicians will also incorporate any electrical and mechanical systems, as well as alternative energy systems into the timber structure. Our designs are only limited by you imagination.

3D Design & Conceptual Renderings
Project Management
Project management at Moonstone Timber Frame involves planning, organizing, and managing resources in order to meet your specific goals and objectives. Our company manages resources like people, materials, and money while dealing with subcontractors to complete your project. Our efforts make certain that the wheels keep turning.
Moonstone meets your goals and objectives, ensuring quality and budget considerations. Our services can include clearing a lot to handing the keys to the new owner—and everything in between. We strive to optimize time, materials, and costs. Moonstone doesn’t simply build structures; we keep the motivation high to produce superior products.
We remove the headaches, so you can relax and get ready to enjoy your beautiful log or timber frame home!

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Great Rooms & Trusses
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