All of our timber frames are handcrafted in our beamery using centuries old traditional methods. With a framing square, a chalk line, and a level, craftsmen lay out intricate joinery patterns on carefully selected timbers. The timbers are then shaped with a variety of specialized power and traditional hand tools to create quality members or components. These members together become a finely handcrafted timber frame structure.
Styles - Traditional / Contemporary
One of the advantages of timber frame construction is its ability to complement a wide variety of architectural styles. You may prefer a traditional style home or something in between. Some home builders use timber frame construction to recreate classic architectural styles like New England Salt Box or Cape Cod.
Others choose to emphasize the wide open interior spaces and the expansive use of glass that are possible with timber frame design. Timber framing also allows the use of a full range of exterior and interior finishing treatments with a wide variety of door and window styles.
  Timber frame construction is a unique and special type of architecture, thus requiring some special experience at the planning stage. At Moonstone Timber Frame we work closely with the home owner to design a durable and aesthetic structure, considering features such as function, form, cost and energy efficiency.
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